Nephrology in the department of Pediatrics

Pediatric Nephrology

In 2004 the Centers for Disease Control reported that more than 15,000 children in the USA are living with Kidney Failure. This is many more than the number living with HIV/AIDS but less than the number with cancer. Unlike cancer, where most children with cancer are cured, this is not the case with Kidney Disease. Children with Kidney Failure are never cured, they can only be treated with treatments that make their quality of life better such as dialysis and transplantation. There are more than 350,000 adults in the United States on dialysis and this population is growing daily. Much adult disease starts in the pediatric age group, therefore an important mission of the Division of Pediatric Nephrology is the prevention, detection and treatment of early Chronic Kidney Disease to stop or delay the need for dialysis or a kidney transplant when older. We accomplish this through our clinical care, such as in our newly designed Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) clinic, our general nephrology and dialysis clinics and our nation leading kidney transplant program. Through our educational and research programs we are improving the care of not just our own patients but patients whose lives we touch through out the world by people we have trained or by physicians using advances we have pioneered.

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